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Gala Hotel Suite


Today is a travel day, a beautiful Saturday morning in Shanghai. We went down to breakfast at 6:30. I stayed Western in my morning meal, trying the omelette station and having bacon, a chicken sausage link, fruit and OJ. We returned to the room and finished packing. We waited until 7:45 before going down to the lobby to wait for Kyle and our 8:00 pick-up..

Kyle was a few minutes early. We boarded the Buick van and had a pleasant, no traffic 45 minute ride to the airport. As soon as you enter the airport terminal, we went through the first security checkpoint. Kyle stayed with us through the ticket counter, luggage check, (I had to open my luggage because I had a USB charger that they wanted in my carry-on.) and we parted at the entrance to security. (Jean had given our driver and Kyle their tips before we boarded for our ride to the airport.) So, we shook hands and said our goodbyes.

We passed through passport control first, then security. We both beeped and had to be wanded, even though my pockets were empty, I had no belt or anything metal on me. Of course they found nothing, and we were done. It was now 9:30 and boarding was suppose to started at 11:25. Since we had just eaten, we decided not to find a lounge and just go to the gate and read. Our gate was downstairs at ground level which means we would be taking a bus to the plane.

The plane was delayed landing, so we did not start boarding until later. We pulled away from the gate @12:45, but the plane did not take-off until 1:08 pm. The flight was suppose to take 2+ hours. We both started the movie The Aftermath, starring Kiera Knightley, Alexander Skarsgard and Jason Clarke. It was a good, but depressing movie about the 1946 British reconstruction of Hamburg after WW II. It also dealt with the aftermath of the loss of loved ones, one a child with the British family, and the wife of the German family during the war.

The meal that was served on the plane was chicken with rice and vegetables, a cabbage slaw, a jello-type dessert, and three kinds of fruit - an apple slice, cantaloupe slice and a slice of dragon fruit. Very filling.

We landed in Taiwan about 2:45. We disembarked and headed to immigration. Once past immigration/passport control, it was out to get our luggage. Mine was coming around as we arrived at the carousel. We had to wait another 15 minutes before Jean's bag arrived. Then out into the arrival hall to find our transfer driver, who had the sign with our names up. It was now about 3:30. We had about a 45 minute drive from the airport. When we left the airport it was hot and sunny. On the way into the city, it rained. By the time we arrived at the Gala Hotel, it had stopped.

We were upgraded again (Yeah?) to another suite. We don't know why, but there it is. This suite was a nice room, with two beds and a Japanese theme, including the screen doors separating the sitting room from the bedroom, and the yukata robes.

We relaxed and unpacked for our two night stay. I quickly checked Google for all the missed emails, including the International Transaction Alerts from my Chase & Capital One credit cards. I can also access my Google Drive files again.

We decided to do laundry since there was a self-serve laundry in the hotel. It was on the thirteenth floor, but the elevator only goes to the twelfth floor, then you walk up. We put in a load and instead of going out for dinner, we did room service. We ordered a chicken caesar salad, roast beef sandwich and a corn soup. We each ate half. After the laundry was done we relaxed, read and watch TV.

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