Summer 2019 travel blog

July 19 good morning World! We left the campground and stopped at two more waterfalls on our way out of Wells Gray. Shortly there after I got my cell back! Woo hoo!

We have discovered that there are many specialty RV parks with golf courses, and they seem to me like they are in the middle of nowhere! They are not RV resorts like we see in Southern California. But there are lots of people that like to go to them and just hang out and play golf.

It was a pretty, short and easy ride to Kamloops. We are actually back in civilization. Kamloops is a real city. RV park is right along a river and is all grassy. It is 72°, no wind, and a little overcast which is OK or it would be too hot.

Dinner in of course, and at 7 o’clock we went to an outdoor concert at the local park. Sundown is 9:03 here. At 7:15, and 71°, We were in fleece jackets and everyone else was in shorts and short sleeves! 𯘂 I am going to be in big trouble when we get to warmer climates. Beautiful community park. People got up and danced! And we were pleasantly surprised by 2 mounted police on beautiful black horses.

Several people had big balloons they were bouncing around like we volley a beach ball. But here no one stopped them.

Looking forward to another great weather day here tomorrow. Among other activities planned, Costco here we come!

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