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We were on the plane with a hot shot crew. I was...

Another one





Looked like a good enough spot

Empty cases are not staying in my car this time!

They're all lit!!! That means it's working!

Lucy (my trainee) happy to be heading home

I'm too tired to type much. In our safety training we are taught that cumulative sleep deprivation is makes your ability to function as impaired as if you were legally drunk. I can believe it because I am finding I make more incorrect keystrokes than correct ones. And I know how to type. Three hours of sleep last night just wasn't enough after all my other short nights. So I'm heading to bed and should be able to sleep 9 hours. YAY!

The monitor is working which is somewhat miraculous and I will try to explain that, maybe by tomorrow. Roasted rosemary game hens were on the menu at the mess hall and all I could think of was sleep. I may regret that at some point but I don't think it will be tomorrow.

A few pics attached since I didn't write much. Goodnight!

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