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Empress Hotel

Government House

A woolly mammoth

We have to be up early this morning to catch the early ferry to Victoria, British Columbia, so the alarm is set for 6:30. At that hour, there are still stars up there which should mean clear skies.

Pat and I have known each other since we were born, almost, both growing up in Nampa, Idaho and are four months apart in age. Our mother's were sisters. We played together often and were together many times on Sundays for dinner at our grandparent's house.

Our lives have taken divergent paths, Pat moving to Washington, while I went to California. We didn't see each other too much during the child rearing years, but now in retirement, we are making up for lost time. She came to my house last year. It is a comfortable relationship, laughing, sharing family stories and quirks. Now we are in this tiny space together and it has been surprisingly successful.

We stumble through morning chores and drive to the ferry for the 90 minute trip, doing our teeth brushing, and so forth while in line. Aboard, we start in sunshine, but the clouds move in before we arrive in Victoria.

In rainy weather we walk the downtown, take pictures of Government House, shop, and then take high tea at the Empress Hotel. Pricey at $40 a person, it is charming and leisurely.

It soon becomes apparent that the American dollar has slipped against the Canadian and that significantly since I was in Canada a couple of months ago. There was 20 some cents difference then; now it is down to 9 cents.

More shopping and then on to the Royal British Columbia Museum, which has lots of scenes and full-size displays, like a stuffed woolly mammoth, a rain forest, and a frontier town.

Along about evening, we drive to Fort Victoria RV Park, where we eat a light dinner and laugh over some silly sitcoms.

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