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Hinchinbrook Channel

Pineapples just after planting

Rollingstone van site


Sunrise from inside the van


Day view

Broken windscreen

Bowen township

Bowen beach

Bowen - capsicums

Bowen - corn

Bowen - tomatoes

Bowen - mango trees

Hi All,

Further southbound travelling saw us in Rollingstone a caravan park and very, very small village 50kms north of Townsville, the town is so small it doesn’t even have a pub but a beautiful caravan park where its pure relaxing time. We were lucky enough to get a waterfront site which provided beautiful sunrises. It’s also an area where the only crop grown is pineapples, pineapples everywhere. It was a great site but a menacing little cool breeze came up each afternoon.

Next move was to Bowen about 200kms south of Townsville. Bowen is a fruit bowl and grows a huge amount of fruit and veggies sold in August and September on the east coast the main crops being sweet corn, melons, capsicums, chillies and tomatoes. Bowen is also famous for the Bowen Mango and the number of mango farms is amazing. Bowen was also the main base during WW11 for the RAAF Catalina’s their base and huge concrete stands still very obvious on the foreshore near the centre of town. It’s a very pretty town with a huge agricultural base and interesting to visit.

And so we move on.

Until the next journal as ever.

Love and regards

Mum and Dad

AA and UM

GM and GD

Anne and Marco

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