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I was determined to finish a little earlier tonight so I could get more rest and I think I will be asleep before 10 which is an improvement. I really want to rest well because my trainee comes tomorrow so my brain will be juggling all my responsibilities with all her questions. I think it will be fun to have her here, but any "free" time, which is already almost non-existent, will probably be even more scarce.

So I skipped supper on base (BUT guess what?! I can actually get money for meals I miss so I can choose to buy my own dinner and save time without having to foot the bill). Then I was extraordinarily tempted to take a walk before starting my evening work but I knew if I did, sleep would not come early. I really wanted french fries for some mysterious reason, though that is not often something I crave. But I didn't stop to buy any - just made peanut butter crackers and got straight to work. I finished my last work task at 9 - a whole hour earlier than usual. YAY!! Still wanted french fries, still wanted a walk, and still wanted that extra sleep I wouldn't be getting if I took much time to eat or walk. So the compromise was a 15 minute walk around the neighborhood and the purchase of a single serving bag of potato chips when I got back ($1.59 for a 1.5 oz bag). I am starting to remind myself of the (former) Kansas State football coach, Bill Snyder, who said he only ate one meal per day to save time. He ate a salad every night after all his staff went home. Same exact combination of ingredients so his assistant could fix it and Coach Snyder didn't have to expend mental energy deciding what he wanted. Talk about efficiency. Well.... maybe I am not at all like that, after all. I thoroughly enjoyed my lasagna for lunch and the half hour visiting with other folks while I ate.

More good news: I got the motion sick patches. Total win by Bedford Medical! It looks like the monitor won't arrive until late in the day tomorrow so the flight to Ft Yukon will be Friday, all things permitting.

Now it is off to bed for me. And only 9:30!!!

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