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We shared a lite breakfast this morning before heading into town for a few supplies. We found an area rug we wanted to have under the dining room table and I needed some heavy duty hangers for several large pictures for the wall in our house.

When we arrived back at home, I helped Marilyn unload the van and began immediately to get things in order. I unrolled the rug and we placed it under the table where it found a home. I then began hanging two of the heavy pictures and finished that job so now things are coming together. I told Marilyn that I am beginning to feel at home.

We were feeling pretty content with ourselves when we suddenly remembered that we had forgotten to purchase the main thing we had driven into town for, a birthday card for Jennifer.

No problem, as I realized that we were headed back into town once again. This time we checked our list and made sure we had everything we needed before heading home.

Living outside of town is sort of new for us and we make numerous trips to town when proper planning would greatly reduce the number of trips, the miles driven, gasoline needed, etc, etc.

Jennifer, Colby, and Lauren drove in to see us and we had a nice time, watching a movie and starting another before they had to leave and head off to home. Tomorrow Marilyn and Jennifer are going to St Louis and I’m sure they will have fun.

Life is Good!

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