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It was later than we planned this morning when we were able to start the chores for today. By this time it was quite hot outdoors and we worked up a good sweat in spite of the nice breeze.

We pulled weeds from the flower bed and then spread mulch. I also used the new “weed eater” to trim around the edges and it looks quite nice. Both of us needed a shower by the time we finished so that was next on our agenda.

Once we were neat and clean again we dressed in comfortable clothing and settled down to watch the Cardinal baseball game on TV. I took some time to hang several pictures on the wall while Marilyn guided me as to placement, etc. She lost interest in the baseball game and baked cookies. Now we have a nice batch of cookies for the grandkids when they visit us tomorrow.

I have only a few days before my cataract surgery and I am really ready to have that done. My eyesight is getting poor and they have indicated to me that after the surgery I may no longer need glasses except to read. That would be great!

Well, my honey nearly has dinner ready so I’ll stop and post this later. Life is Good!

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