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Our dinner last night with a Finnish family was very nice. We had moose meatballs with potatoes, cauliflower soup and a chocolate cake spiced with cinnamon. The bread was homemade with a yeast starter, filled with seeds and grains. They basically grow their own food, shoot one moose a year, barter with neighbors to exchange goods. Very interesting. The husband gives snow mobile tours in the winter and does construction in the summer. The wife works for the community public health service. Their little girl is 4 years old and loves showing off after her initial shyness.

I told you that Finland has no King or Queen but the social democrat party is in control of the Parliament. So all social services, health care and education is free; that is after they pay very high taxes.

Before we left this morning, we had a briefing by an Eastern Orthodox Priest. He was very interesting and quite a character. He explained how a group of people broke off from the Roman Catholic Church in 1045 AD and called themselves Orthodox. There is Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox and many others. Then more groups of people broke off from the Orthodox Church and formed all the various Protestant churches.

We then took the bus to the Ivalo Airport and flew to Helsinki; checked into our hotel about 4pm, took an orientation walk and had dinner on our own.

We found an Italian Restaurant on the harbor front and had a big old pizza!! It tasted so good!! The only thing that would have been better was a big ole hamburger or a big juicy steak. We're about "fish" ed out. It's been good but WHERE'S THE BEEF?

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