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Waterfall on the way to Mossy Cave

Looks inviting


No idea what these are but Jim thought they were pretty

Busy little guy

Disappointing Mossy Cave in July

A picture of a picture of Mossy Cave in winter

Entering Zion National Park

Checkerboard Mesa caused by horizontal cross-bedding of sand dunes and vertical cracking...

We are getting used to looking up at massive formations

Desert Bighorn - we saw 5 in all. These 4 were right...


Springdale, UT Although we had read that Bryce's Mossy Cave isn’t much to look at this time of year, in the interest of thoroughness, we went anyway. Mossy Cave is a grotto, created by an underground spring. In the winter it is fascinating as it has hundreds of icicles suspended from the roof. In July, it is not worth the effort. We much preferred the nearby waterfall as water in this part of the country is not common. And we decided it should be called Midgey Cave instead of Mossy as the biting midges, also known as No-See-Ums, punkies and sandflies, were swarming.

Although relatively near each other, Bryce Canyon and Zion are dramatically different. Comparing Bryce Canyon to Zion shows drastic differences in the types of terrain and scenery. Bryce has the famous hoodoos and split levels and is a huge park. It looks more fairy-like and delicate. While both places are beautiful beyond description, Zion is a much more complicated environment. It is full of famous slot canyons and extremely diverse elevation changes. Rather than delicate, one would describe it as grand with massive formations. Zion is a canyoneer's dream but can prove to be extremely challenging for the average hiker. Zion is in the canyon, surrounded by mountains. Many of the paths are level. Bryce is on the Rim. The short, paved paths are sometimes level, but more often than not, involve a climb. All of the hikes that descend into the amphitheaters at Bryce involve climbing and descending. Both parks are worth a visit. Having visited Bryce we are now visiting Zion.

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