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Today is a travel day to California. John picked us up at 8:00 am and transported us to Newark Liberty International Airport. We arrived about 8:40. Usually, we walk right up to an open kiosk, or have to wait behind someone to finish. Today, probably because of the end of the 4th of July holiday weekend, there were long queues for the kiosks! Unfortunately, ours did not work properly. It said it was printing our luggage tags, but it lied, ladies and gentlemen. It printed the boarding passes, no problem. We found an United rep and they reprinted our luggage tags.

We then checked the luggage, passed through the TSA Precheck and strolled down towards our gate, looking for a place to buy some breakfast. We picked up some food and sat at the gate and ate breakfast.

Boarding began at 10:10 for our 11:00 flight. We boarded early (Group 2). I had purchased Economy Plus for our trip, and believe me, the extra legroom is worth every penny. While the other passengers were boarding the plane, Jean and I started to watch a movie. I watched The Upside (very good, I recommend watching it), started What Men Want but began to fall asleep and switched to The Boy Who Would Be King (a YA movie which was based on the King Arthur legend which I always enjoyed. It was an OK movie, don't rush out to rent it.) and finished by the time the plane landed. Jean watched Mary Poppins Returns and Arctic.

What I failed to realize for this flight was it included a meal! So we ended up having two breakfasts, plus a snack.

We landed on time (1:47 pm), obtained our luggage, and hopped the Hertz Rental bus. Ah, the palm trees and smog, we are definitely in LA. Being a Gold Club Member with Hertz, we walked over to the Gold Club section and walked around looking for a car we liked. Jean picked out a silver 2018 Nissan Altima. We then headed towards our hotel in Simi Valley. Ah, LA traffic on the 105 Freeway. It was slow (45 mph) but at least it was moving on Sunday afternoon. Tomorrow it will be a parking lot. As we began to leave the LA area, there was less traffic and it began to flow at the posted speed and higher.

We arrived at the Holiday Inn Express just after 3:00, which was the scheduled check-in time. We plopped our luggage in our nice, large room and Jean showered and changed. We then went for a walk in the area to find a place for supper, but did not find what we wanted. We didn't want a large meal since we had two breakfasts. I pulled out my phone and found a restaurant that was on the other side of the Ronald Reagan Freeway.

We had dinner at a very nice chain restaurant, Market Broiler (MB). I had a seafood salad & Jean had the bacon-wrapped prawns appetizer. They were both delicious. If we run into another MB, I would like to try one of their seafood entrees. After our lite dinner, we walked over to the Best Buy that was nearby. Jean's i-pad charger was not working, so we needed a new one.

On the way back to the hotel, since we had time, I wanted to do a dry run to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library to gauge what time to depart tomorrow. We have tickets for 10:00-10:15 admission. It was only a 10 minute drive on a Sunday evening, so I figure double it to handle Monday traffic. We then returned to the room to relax for the evening. It has been a long day.

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