Welcome to Mount Vernon

Bronze's of the family

Super Awesome stained leaded glass

A view down the "green" to the house...

About the slave population on all 6 farms they owned

an example of the slave ratio's owned by Martha and George

About Hercules the chef for the family

We find the crypt where George and Martha are buried

The proof that we were there, indeed.

map of Mount Vernon with tickets

This is the last day for touring of the D.C. area. We like to think we saved the best for last for Brent. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are his faves. From Ft. Meade it's a 50 mile drive south on I-95 and then down the Potomac river to Mount Vernon. Admission to Mount Vernon is $20 for adults. When you enter be sure to see the 25 minute movie in their theatre, it's very moving about the man, legend and patriot.

According to our itinerary, we'll be seeing you in Hershey, Penn... :)

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