We arrive on the Capitol Lawn in the early afternoon

A thin crowd at first then later it gets big.

Just to the left of the stage, one could see all the...

Then it starts to rain and rain and rain.... Soon they evacuate...

When the storm passes, we have to re-frisk at the security points...

Some flyovers for us to enjoy

Some flyovers for us to enjoy

Some flyovers for us to enjoy

PBS does a fantastic job of entertaining us.

Then Fireworks and cannons to the tune of William Tell overature

Train tickets get us into D.C.

All three of us train and Metro into D.C.

We arrive at the Museum of the Bible

We go to interactive movies to learn

We go to interactive movies to learn

We go to interactive movies to learn

Last school year, Brent did a report about Hammurabi, this stele is...

For the Fourth of July, Brent and Dave went into D.C. Dave has always liked the PBS edition of "A Capitol Fourth" on TV and has seen it person now 6 times, here. It's a neat feeling to sit on the front lawn of our Nations Capitol and listen to good music. We did not arrive to Constitution Avenue in time to see the big military parade. So we opted to get over to the Capitol, quickly. We arrived to stand in line for security inspection and find our favorite spot. So we spread out our sittin blanket and listened to some of the entertainer do their sound checks. About 2 hours later, the Capitol Police evacuated all of us to a nearby garage due to impending lightning storms. When the storms had passed, we were allowed to re-enter the area only after we had been re-inspected by security. So, we found our original spot and settled in for the show. We were watching the PBS, "A Capitol Fourth" live. As promised by President Trump, we had 5 flyovers of military aircraft, all of which were spectacular. The show consisted of great live talent, such as, Carole King, Vanessa Williams, The OJ's and more... By the time we got back to the coach it was very very late and went to sleep.

The next day, all three of us, got on the train to D.C. then a Metro to Crystal City where we met friends, the Shepherd's family for lunch at the Chik-Fil-A ... It was good to see and catchup on our lives....

When we finished with our visit, the three of us caught another Metro to go to the Museum of the Bible. This museum is only a few years old and is super interesting from both a religious perspective and an archeological perspective. There truly is something here for all interests. It is not a Christian converstion tool, but those who don't know the history of the Bible can come away with a good basis of knowledge.

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