North Rim Grand Canyon travel blog

Quite the trail we tackled!

Our view from the top as we set out on our hike

Some are doing it the easy way


Headed down

Thor's Hammer

Our trail - pretty impressive!

Can you say switchback?

It just keeps going

Yes, we came down that

Coming down toward the Silent City Hoodoos. See our trail in the...

Wall Street

Wall Street

Trees must reach high for sunlight

Colorful manzanita

Silent City Hoodoos from the bottom level

Looks like Mother Nature was carving a bust again


Guess who?

Yes, that is our path

Queen Victoria

There she is - Queen Victoria!

Love the contrasting colors


Another cool window

Up we go

View on our way back up again

Only a few more switchbacks to the top

So colorful

This tourist is apparently illiterate

Resting between switchbacks

Almost back to the top!

We made it to the top and are completing the easy Rim...

Tropic, UT Bryce Canyon has lots of lookout points and a number of trails, too. Some of those trails are more challenging than others. We were warned to be mindful at all times of the loose rocks which could roll on the trail beneath our feet, and rocks that may fall from cliffs above us. A major rock slide occurred in 2006, and subsequent ones in 2010 and 2011. Naturally, the trail we chose has more rocks fall on it than any other trail in the park. The Navajo Loop Trail takes one down the rim from Sunset Point, through the narrow corridors of Wall Street, past the Silent City (a metropolis of spires, fins and hoodoos, crowded together in a tight formation like an urban sprawl made of pink, orange, and brown limestone), past an intersection with Queens Garden Loop Trail, and the top of Peekaboo Loop Trail, and ascends the rim again at Sunset Point. The trail requires descending 800’ down the side of the Bryce rim in just .6 miles on a series of tortuous switchbacks, and then at the end of the hike, to climb right back up that steep slope. Beside the collection of hoodoos that comprises the whole of Bryce Canyon itself, the slot canyon-style narrowness of Wall Street is probably the most famous attraction in the park. Traveling beneath pinnacle groups we only moments ago stood above, the path at the bottom runs along a heavily vegetated canyon floor including 500 to 700-year old Ponderosa and fir growing tall in the the geologic labyrinth. Lush green and widespread ground vegetation, most notably manzanita, add to the beauty. The trail rolls along to the Queens Garden Trail which leads to the Queen Victoria viewing area - a rock formation resembling its namesake. The similarities are interesting. We then laboriously clambered back up the nearly vertical side of the precipice, as the steepening trail squeezed through several man-made rock arches on our way to the canyon rim. The trail leveled out upon finally reaching Sunrise Point (8,020'). It was then an easy .5-mile jaunt along the Rim Trail back to Sunset Point where we had started. We were pretty pleased with our accomplishment.

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