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Hannah prepares to swim for $

Three weeks of living in Conway. Helping where possible with Beth and family. Sue got her stitches out a few weeks ago and is healing. She is still oozing in one spot that may require a return trip to the doctor, but that is still a few days out. We had the truck in the shop for a week, but after $1,400 it is finally starting as it should. Amazing! ! ! Mostly we have tried to help and beat the heat. It is hot in Arkansas in the summer. We are leaving on July 15 and headed for the mountains in Waynesville, North Carolina where we will spend three weeks at the higher elevation and with cooler temperatures. We were in NC four years ago and were 30 miles east of Asheville. This time we will be 30 miles west of Asheville. We will again go to the Biltmore and take the tours we did not get to last time. Last time we were limited due to it only being 3 months after I broke my ankle. We attended a fundraiser this past week for the Conway Crocs...Hannah's swim club on July 2nd. We donated $ for her laps. She tended to suggest she would not swim many...the little toot swam 32 laps in 30 minutes. She not only is a great swimmer, she appears to be a pretty good con artist. Anyway, it was for a good cause. Next week we will be responsible for transporting Hannah and Katie to Lake Nixon in LR for camp. Beth will be out from Wednesday thru Sunday attending a national Apraxia workshop in Pittsburgh. Hannah has her last regular season swim meet next Saturday. She has already qualified for five events in the Meet of Champs on July 20th. She has improved greatly.

We have not done anything that needed reporting on since we got back and I committed a while back to not waste everyone's time just writing to have space taken up. I will update regularly once we get back on the road. Until then...stay cool.

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