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The Sands

Khao Lak - The Sands resort

The Sands

Khao Lak - The Sands resort

Park in Bangkok

In the Park

From the Rooftop bar at the Novotel

Bangkok by Night

Approaching the Bridge by boat

Crossing the Bridge

On The Bridge

After Crossing over the Bridge

HellFire Pass

HellFire Pass

HellFire Pass

ANZAC Day Memorial in the Pass

Original rails into the Pass

Well, here we are, back home again after our fortnight away in the warmth, rain and crowds of Thailand.

We spent the first 8 days about 1.5 hours north of Phuket, up in the mountains, on the coast at a little village Khao Lak, staying at The Sands, right on the edge of the beach.

No swimming though, as stingers present at this time of the year.

We had one fine day then 6 of Monsoonal rains - between showers, we paddled to breakfast, lunch or dinner!! Was very humid but we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there, as it fulfilled my hopes for a very relaxing time away from the phone and computer - and registrations!!

The internet was expensive and the wifi not that reliable at all times,so was very peaceful.

We then flew down to Bangkok for 5 days - what a difference!! Literally millions of people and vehicles......we had tours booked for each of our 4 days - on our second evening there, we did the Night River & Dinner Cruise - apart from the mad rushes getting on and off the boat - seems nobody wants to be anything other than first on or off!! - we enjoyed the cruise, especially the entertainment which included three Lady Boys strutting their stuff on the stage and entertaining the young men in the audience mostly, much to their embarrassment!!! What beautiful "Ladies" they were, too.

The following day was the highlight of our trip - a 12.5 hour day tour out to the Bridge over the River Kwai (or Kwae the local spelling), including a 1.5 hour trip on the train, which travels the infamous Thai-Burma Railway of WWII, built by POWs and paid for with their brutal punishments, deprivations and way too many lost lives. After lunch at the now end of the line (the rest was ripped up following the war) we were driven to Hellfire Pass. Due to time restraints, we were permitted to get down to it from the mountain top by golf buggy and did not have to tackle the 2-4 hour climb down and back via steps and stairs and tracks. It allowed us time to walk through the Pass and dwell on the horrific conditions men like our dear friend Tom endured whilst a POW in this terrible place. There are many tributes placed in and on the sheer walls, which were literally dug out by hand after using basic explosives to bring down the mountainside. Could feel the presence of so many tortured souls there, but it was very peaceful too.

After the long day, we had most of the following day free before walking the 6 kms to a meeting place for our Night Food Tour on TukTuks. Was so hot and humid - silly really to walk that far, but the hotel lad had said it was about 4 kms up the road!!! Anyway, we broke the walk at Starbucks for their wonderful Frappuccinos and then at the huge, cool MBK Shopping Centre, where we filled in some time drying out before meeting up with our tour guide and companions - a family of 4 from Brisbane. The tour was great, with 3 TukTuks ferrying us all over the city visiting various markets and food places. Finally got back to hotel after 11pm.

We had chosen to do the 6 hour Best of Bangkok Tour on the Sunday - very hot, very humid. Only 4 of us doing it with a very hyperactive Guide, Tony. Well, by the end of it we were tired out, templed out, talked out, and worn out!!! We visited Chinatown, the Golden Buddha Temple, The Reclining Buddha Temple and the Emerald Buddha Temple - all of which were packed solid with visitors. We then wandered through the King's Palace before boarding a ferry for a quick run up the river to our collection point - finally back to the hotel absolutely exhausted. Have to say that Bangkok itself really did not "do it" for us this trip and is not somewhere we would return to.

Our flight left at 4 pm on the Monday and we arrived back in Perth at 0500 Tuesday morning. Had just over 3 hours in KL airport midway.

That's it for this trip - happy to have done it - loved parts of it, enjoyed all of it.

You, my Facebook Friends, will have seen these photos.


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