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July 3 Today we want to wish Brenda & Arnie A very happy 59th wedding anniversary! Wow!!!

Poor wifi at the campgrounds and we can’t use our mifi/hotspot in Canada. Having trouble posting the photos.

Met a couple yesterday who are also headed to Calgary for the stampede. They are meeting up with the Fantasy RV Tours rally, which could be 40-50 rigs. We met the leaders a few days ago at another park. After the seven days at that rally they are going to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to meet up with a different Fantasy Tour going for 60 days to Alaska!

Due to impending rain, Allan hooked up the car last night to lighten his load in case it was raining in the morning. Fortunately it was not as we took off for a short ride today.

So I was sound asleep this morning and was awakened by the sounds of cattle! I was sure they were coming right through the campground! Cattle drive through the campground!!!!! Say what! Well actually, they were in two very large cattle transport trucks coming up the road right along side the campground and our rig! You had to be there but it was funny!!

Beautiful warm, 65°, morning this morning, Drove a whole hour and 15 minutes to Macleod, Alberta because we were not able to get reservations for tonight in Calgary. The drive again was beautiful seeing lots more of the canola fields and the bright green hills. A local mentioned to us that occasionally the yellow fields are mustard.

Can’t sit still too long ....... so after lunch we Drove to see Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump! We were here in ‘95, like 24 years ago! Brenda – that was on our trip together but just before we met up with you. This area was in habited by the Blackfoot Indians and this method of hunting the Buffalo goes back 6000 years.

Ran into an entire tour from Adventure Caravans who are here as part of their trip and are going to Calgary as well and from there they are going to Alaska.

So, Allan’s continual complaint these days is that the streets and cities etc. are not marked clearly and makes it very hard for drivers and tourists. Interesting, he didn’t complain like this on previous trips. So, you can come to your own conclusion!

Next stop today was Fort Macleod. We saw the land where it originally was and then we went to the museum where they have re-created a fort. It was 4:30 and I said we’ve seen enough forts! As we were turning around to come back to the rig I saw a fruit truck/vendor! This we can use so we picked up some yummy fresh fruit, including cherries!! The baskets were a little smaller than the Costco size but when she said $15 I almost passed out! We have been shopping for the last 10 days or so at only small markets. Selections have been limited. Canadian dollar is The equivalent to about $.75 US. Oh well, the cherries are delicious! And by the way visa scrip cannot be used anywhere outside the US.

It was only 71° today but wow is that sun hot!

Uneventful dinner and evening but just the way I like it! Tomorrow - Calgary here we come! And happy Independence Day/4th of July to all of you out there!

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