we arrive at the Archives

A short line today

Ford's theatre today

Dr. Petersons house across the street, where Lincoln was taken

THE pistol that was used

About the pistol

The inside of the theatre, the flags were always hung over the...

The white House before and after painting in 1989, more than 500...

A photo of a photo of the Presidents office

We walked around the outside of the White House

Another view of the White House.

Elephants in D.C.? Of course, in the Natural History Museum.

A stone man of Easter Island

Ladies you can wish all you want but this 45.65 carot diamond...

There isnt any "Hope" in that.... The Hope diamond

Brent meets a brass monkey...

The next day was another busy day. We trained in to Union station then Metro'd to the Bureau of Archives to find the Original document of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. the line to get in here is usually long but we got lucky today, only about 30 minutes. We learned that the gov't archives many, many things from ship documents and passenger lists, videos of past presidents early lives for posterity, birth, death, veteran documents, speeches of politicians and so much more. Not far from the Archive building is the FBI and just beyond that is the Ford Theatre, our next stop. Just a few days after the surrender of General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia to General Ulysses Grant a conspiracy was concocted by about 6-7 people to kill Lincoln and the Vice President. The main character in this plot was of course, John W. Booth a well known actor. In the basement of the Theatre now you can learn of the plot and the characters, then go up to the theatre. Next, we took the short walk of about 4 blocks to the White House Visitor Center. Here we learned much about the history of the building and the people who lived and work in it. There's an interesting film for you to see when you get here.

It was still early inthe afternoon, so we decided to spend a couple hours at the Museum of Natural History. It's the museum of bones, hides and rocks! We saw dinosauer bones and learned about them. Across the building was the Mammal room with hundreds of taxidermed mammals for you to study. And lastly we went to the geology room and found the Hope diamond and many many other interesting and beautiful minerals.

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