North Rim Grand Canyon travel blog

Crystal found some cuties to pose for her

A last look around the North Rim - a bench we employed...


Our cabin served us well

Final look at the"partial view" from our cabin - Tom's view was...

Packing up

Our scenery changes dramatically as we head down the mountain - Vermillion...

Much flatter terrain

Vermillion Cliffs - really vivid colors

A relic of the past - Navaho

Our lodging - Red Rock Motel - is in the Old Quarter...

Bridge and dam that creates Lake Powell

Many of us went to Wahweap Lookout to watch the sun set

Small portion of Lake Powell

Setting sun creates wonderful colors

Great cloud formations

So pretty

Almost gone

Day is done

Page, AZ It was time to say farewell to the North Rim and reluctantly head out. Taking our time we drove to Red Rock Motel in Page, Arizona where the temperature, rather than a lovely 69° was a scorching 100°. The Red Rock Motel is in the Old Quarter - street of little motels. These were originally built to house the men who built the dam that created Lake Powell. Page is a relatively new city. It was founded in 1957, after starting out as a government camp for the construction of the massive Glen Canyon Dam. For seven years (1956 through 1963) large numbers of construction workers were housed temporarily in Page as construction on the dam, Rainbow Arch Bridge, and associated projects progressed. Actually, the Old Quarter is two or three streets, occupied by row after row of squat cinderblock structures, many of them brightly painted, with names like “Debbie’s Hide A Way,” “Bashful Bob’s” and “Lu Lu’s Sleep Ezze Motel.” To view the sunset over massive Lake Powell, we (and tons of our closest friends) went to Wahweap Overlook. As the sun was sinking in the west, we watched the shadows moving upward on the canyon walls. The clouds to the east changed colors from white to pink and finally grey. We watched as the city lights came on – a signal that day was done.

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