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Ginger's 1st fish

Great state!

Quick fishing update

We’ve had a lack of phone and Internet connections again but that was expected. Fishing (actually – catching) has not been that great this year. After having a stellar year in 2013, we had high hopes. The weather has been warm – I mean HOT (high 80s and 90’s up to 95!!! That has caused the Klutina Glacier to melt faster than usual resulting in high, fast, turbid water filled with huge trees, root balls, branches and other debris. I have had to cut my line when snagging a tree branch. The current is running 10 mph or better. The fish have not been here in numbers. Even the old, “good” fishermen are having problems. We have had a number of fish on but have landed only 6. We have been fishing quite hard, hitting the River around 3:00 most mornings. Ginger landed her second fish yesterday and broke her new salmon fly rod in doing so. Tomorrow we go on a charter trip for kings on the Gulkana River. More later!

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