North Rim Grand Canyon travel blog

This tree has real character



Great tree along the trail


Love that front porch!



What a magnificent canyon!

Great panoramic shot

Great views for the brave

Jim and Crystal

Such a view



A new friend

We can see for miles

The lodge really is sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon


It is a long way down

Pretty bushes and flowers here

These bushes smell good


Quite a viewpoint

Grand Canyon North Rim We played tourist today by taking lots of pictures. The scenery is incredible. The cabins have small decks with rocking chairs. We enjoyed sitting on Tom’s deck as he had a magnificent view of the canyon. Ours had a “partial view”. We also had a disheartening experience. While coming back up a trail, we heard a harsh call and a white blur flew past us followed by a stricken young girl crying in horror as her pet bird, perhaps a cockatiel, escaped. She screamed for her dad and they went tearing after the bird but the cabins are right on the edge of the Grand Canyon so the bird was quickly inaccessible. The girl was broken-hearted and could not be consoled. The bird’s chances of survival in the wild are not good. Later, from the vantage point of Tom’s porch, we observed EMT’s head down the trail with a gurney. They returned with a young man who now sported a cast on his leg. Considering some of the foolhardy behavior we saw from tourists trying to get the perfect picture, we are fairly certain he was the cause of his injury. The weather here is as wonderful as the scenery is gorgeous. From Tom's deck we were able to watch the shadows crawl up the canyon walls as the sun set.

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