Two months in Mexico travel blog

Expenses in Mexico 2004-2005 60 day trip

Taxi-------------------206.00---------(taxi and bus tickets total

Bus Tickets------------396.20---------divided by 30 days is 20.09 per day)

Car rental and ins.----700.00---------(car rental and gas divided by

Car gas ---------------229.50----------30 days is 30.98 per day)

Hotel-----------------1649.89---------Divided by 55 days 30.00 @ day for 55

--------------------------------------days(5 days spent on night busses)

Food-------------------833.42---------Divided by 60 days is 13.90 per day

Laundry-----------------34.77---------Did laundry 7 times (approx 5.00 each)

59 sites 7 museum fees-236.30---------Average 4.00 per site

Shopping--------------1958.10---------Mexican handicrafts

Tips--------------------54.65---------Average 1.84 a day

Extras: video permit, tolls, 2 massages, tram, horse, extra baggage, parking, bano etc

-----------------------208.64---------Averages 4.31 per day

Internet cafe----------120.57---------Average 2.00 per day

Tours------------------150.70---------Side trips on the times I rode the bus

Tour guide-------------140.00---------Manny Morales for a week

Film developing--------152.44---------Digital pics on CD/35 mm. Film develop

Freight baggage---------27.60---------Ship extras bags from Reynosa to Houston

Camera batteries--------58.60

Cash left over----------35.00 credit

Total in pesos 7208.34 Less exchange rate to US dollars 6565.34

Total cash taken 3050.00 and 3615.00 on credit cards totals 6665.00 for the trip.

Average spent per day 109.45

Lost track or lost in exchange rate 66.00 can't account for.

Difference between traveling by rental car and gas and using the bus and taxis

is 10.89 in favor of using the bus.

The most expensive hotel was Howard Johnson in Villahermosa at 60.00 per day

To the cheapest at Hostel Babalyon in San Cristobal de la Cases at 2.50 per day.

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