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New mop for vinyl plank flooring

My closet rug

Hibiscus bloom

Pot-bellied babies at local garden center

Growing velvet antlers

Our first wren at the 2 month old feeder

Live oaks shading back patio (my favorite Texas tree)

Hummingbird resting above our feeder

Hummingbird resting

I bought a reusable 18” wet/dry mop at the local cleaning supply store Friday. The bottom of the mop has Velcro, and it came with two washable microfiber pads that have the corresponding Velcro loops on the back. I always thought it was such a waste to keep buying Swiffer wet pads. They get dirty so fast, and even in my small Denver kitchen I would nearly go through a whole container of them each time I mopped. These reusable pads pick up a whole lot more dirt than Swiffer, and now that I have a whole house to mop, they just make more sense. The owner of the company that is doing the bulk of our remodeling came out on Friday, partly to see how the floors came out and mostly to pick up a check for them. He found a few planks that weren’t flush and offered to have the flooring guy come back immediately to fix them. We asked him to wait a week or so, in case we found other issues. Sure enough, the quarter-round pieces in Bill’s bathroom had not been nailed to the baseboards, and we’ve found several other planks that need hammering. We could just do it ourselves, but the owner insisted that the flooring guy correct his mistakes, and we respect that. Otherwise, the floors look beautiful. Of course, now I need a few rugs here and there. My latest addiction is the Wayfair app. I’ve been shopping for rugs the last several nights. I wanted something bright and fun for my walk-in closet. At first, I thought my choice was too bold, but now it makes me smile whenever I see it. I have two more rugs (different designs) coming today, one for the side of each bed. I still need entryway rugs, but I’ve had a hard time finding ones that don’t have rubber backing. I could never figure out why my Denver kitchen floor was so discolored under the rugs. I thought it must have been from the sun coming through the skylights. After some research, I’ve discovered that rubber-backed rugs have a chemical reaction to vinyl flooring, and that’s what discolors it. I don’t want to make that same mistake with our new floors, so I’m being very careful. I have a “Favorites” file on my Wayfair app, with oodles of pretty rugs in it, so I will make my final selection soon. We are also in desperate need of window coverings in the front and dining/kitchen areas. The sun in the mornings really heats up the front room, and it easily becomes 5-10 degrees hotter than the rest of the house. The dining and kitchen areas get the afternoon and evening sun. Thankfully, Kerrville has a long-established window covering store, and they are coming out Wednesday morning to help me decide which way to go. I’d love plantation shutters like I had in Denver, but these windows are too close together for them to work. I should have taken care of this when we first got here, before the hot weather set in, but I just haven’t had enough time to breathe until now. I’m still waiting to hear when the backsplash work will begin, but I was told it should start sometime this week (doubtful with the fast-approaching holiday). We finally got a dresser ordered for Bill. He’s been using a box on the floor to store his underwear. Furniture is just something he has a hard time deciding on. So, we both went into a local furniture store late last week and I found a nice one. We didn’t buy it there but wrote down the make and model. Bill did some research online and found it over $200 cheaper at Amazon with free shipping (the store wanted $60 for the four-mile delivery to our house). It will take a couple weeks to get here, but that’s okay. We’ve had some significant rains here lately (1.08” yesterday morning), but no severe weather. I finally have the front room and most of my art stuff back in order. I’m hoping to have some time tomorrow morning to paint. My poor kingfisher has been waiting for me to finish it for weeks. The quiet here for the last few days has been wonderful! I’m still wired from all the remodeling activity, but I feel myself starting to calm down. Finally!

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