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Our "new to us" trailer (Earthship)

The Business side of our trailer & our side yard

Our "back yard"

The view from our Living Room window

Hey, remember me? I'm the guy who sends out "Captain's Log" entries to you all. I know, it's been a while and I'm sorry about that...really I am! The orgional format for the Captain's Log's just got to be a lot of work especiall when we were traveling so we're going to try a new format to see if it will work out better. This is the first try and I really hope it works out.

Just to catch you all up, in a hurry, we left Stillwater, OK in mid-January and headed toward Benson, AZ where we had planned to spend about 3 months on our lease lot there. After about five weeks we packed up and headed back to Stillwater to move into a "new to us" trailer that our son had found for us. We had been talking about a change for a while and our son found the "perfect" trailer for us so we had him pick it up and then traveled back to Stillwater to move into it. Since we didn't want to turn around and go back to Arizona again this year we decided to hang out in Oklahoma and help our son on the the new spec house project he was working on. We were there longer then we had planned and finally left on May 7th and began our travel to the Northwest but first we stopped in Rapid City, South Dakota to have some work done on our trailer. It took longer then planned so we ended up staying about two weeks leaving on May 24th. We had to be in the Northwest by May 29th so we had to move a bit faster then we like to. We arrived on time though and get settled in. We're trying something new this year. We've accepted a position as Campground Hosts at Jim Creek Recreation Area near Arlington, WA. The campground is located on Jim Creek Navy Communications Station. We're surrounded by 5000 acres of trees, grassy meadows and mountains. This is a new experience for us and so far it's working out quite well. It's so peaceful and quiet most of the time. This location has the added benefit of being close to Arlington, WA where I grew up and graduated from High School. My father, sister and plenty of cousins still live in the area. All-in-all it's a great place to spend the summer months.

In a nutshell that brings you up to date. I'll keep you all posted as the summer activities here progress. Until then...Enoy!

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