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Em and Joey after a hard day

Passing thru Mexican Hat for a 3rd time.

Navajo NP

Sweat Lodge. Navajo

Overnight in Blanding UT

Wilson Arch

Wilson Arch


from Arch back to RV

Stoneyard Distillery

Twinkie Vat

Maybe it was the smoke

We are in a 3-day transit from Ft. Verde AZ to the Rocky Mtn Nat’l Park near Denver CO. What beautiful terrain. Every time we think the land can’t get prettier, it does. We were lucky enough to stop at Navajo Nat’l Monument and then travel through Monument Valley again…like refreshing your soul. Later we followed the Colorado River upstream. The heavy snow-pack winter run-off is still evident with the River at or above flood level.

It was tough to pass Arches Nat’l Park today but Mike says we will go back. (Mike here…we ARE going to spend a month sometime covering what I call “Utah A to Z”… Arches to Zion) However, about two miles past the entrance we found Wilson Arch. It was an easy hike to the arch and hardly anyone there.

Last night we stayed in the parking lot of a dinosaur museum in Blanding Utah (Harvest Hosts) that offers overnight camping to wayfarers for free (think independent-owner Walmart camping). Unfortunately it was closed for the night so we didn’t get to visit the museum. Mike went to the local grocery store to buy wine only to find out we were in a dry county ;-(. Luckily he had enough wine for the evening. We should be ok for tonight too since we are at a Distillery!!!)

Tonight we are staying at the above-mentioned distillery in Gypsum CO. (Harvest Host again). Mike has found an app (They just ask that we support the businesses at which you stay.) Mike thought this was a winery at first. We will have to adjust our tastebuds. One of the vats is one that used to make the white filling in Twinkies. Yes...those Twinkies. The server asked us to step outside so he could show us the adjacent volcano, while he toked on his weed. Ya just gotta love Colorado.

Tomorrow…on to Estes Park CO and meet up with Cyndy and Family!!!!! Tuesday we move into Rocky Mountain National Park for a week, and probably out of any cell/WIFI service (Mike here…hope so!!!). Whoo Hoo!!!! Hiking…horseback riding…smores…stupid Grampy jokes!! Sooooo,,,,,,we’ll try to get a blog entry out from Estes Park, but if not, see y’all in a week!!!

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