The FAMCAMP office on 2300 Wilson Street, friendly and helpful folks

Our RV site at #4

Our RV site #4

We get off the train at Union Station for our first day...

Union Station from across the street

We walked past the Capitol building on our way to the Smithsonian

Apollo 11 Lunar Module LM-2

A Mercury capsule

We have all wondered how it's done and the answer is....

Sit on this, look at it for a minute and you'll all...

A Large scale model of a Shuttle

many iterations of shuttle were suggested including these

Some of the shuttle data marks.... interesting.

The Wright Flyer

The Wright Flyer

Charles Lindbergs Spirit of St. Louis

We take the short walk to the International SPY Museum

Brent poses with the original James Bond 007 car

Daves ticket to get into the spy game,

A small UAV (Not a drone, please)

Here's an Enigma, yeh really it's an enigma !

About the Enigma

More about the Engima

Brent meets the nations first SPY Nathaniel Sackett

About Sackett's offer to setup the spy network

The underground METRO clean and efficient

We knew we had a long drive on this day, but "WHOA, WAIT A MINUTE!" this was just cruel! Here's how it all went down. First our GPS (which always lies) told us it'd be a mere 183 miles, Ha! Total was 276 miles! We left Thousand Trails nice and early about 8:45 a.m. Our WAZE account told us when we were about 25 miles away from a major accident on I-95 that all the lanes were blocked... Not being very familiar with the area, we opted NOT to get off the freeway and take the suggested back roads to get around the accident. So by the time we got to within 16 miles of the accident the traffic slowed, really slowed, to stop and go and average 3-5 mph...And so, our 2:15 arrival time was pushed and pushed then pushed some more till we got through the accident area. But, now were in the middle of commute traffic. We called the RV Park concerned that we'd not be let in or something. They assured us, since we called all would be well in our world! Yea! And so, we arrived at 5:15 p.m. right at 3 hours later than projected. Whew! Sure glad we made it, safe and somewhat sane!

Now that we're here all is well, indeed. We took our first day on base as an off day, to catch up on groceries, finding our way around, some coach tasks, etc. But the second day, Saturday Brent and Dave struck were taken to the local MARC train station bound for D.C. That train ride was fun and exciting for little Brent in that he'd ridden a train before and he got to experience an Express train (D.C. to Baltimore) go past us at a "gazillion" miles per hour! When the train landed at Union Station, then it was "shoe leather express" time. We walked the 5 blocks to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. When we were done with it then a quick 4 block walk to the New International Spy Museum. The SPY museum is indeed new, as it had been moved from across town to this nice new updated location. If you're ever in or near D.C. and have an interest in how the intelligence community works and what is done or how it's done, this is the place to go. Very authentic.

NOTE: About the spy museum, it is VERY popular. Buy your tickets on line then arrive and go in. We did not, we got in line at 3:00 bought our tickets for next available at 4:15 ! We had more than an hour wait....

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