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A coworker's cat eats too fast. So they got this thing to...

Margie got a breakfast burrito.

I think mine's a seafood omelet

Another look at our site at night with the lights we put...

One of the owners gave me this Chia head of President Trump

I wish they would have given me this. I would have found...

This may be the seafood pot pie I finally got at Little...

I had desert.

I think a better shot of the seafood (lobster and shrimp) pot...

Tennessee Williams art.

More Tennessee Williams art.

This is the Key West history museum.

Early Key West

More art.

A statue of Ernest Hemingway.

Information about Key West during prohibition

A better picture of the railing "secretly" indicating an establishment to get...

At the Key West museum

This ship was destroyed in Cuba

A Wreckers display at the city museum

The tower at the "Wreckers" museum

Further away

Signs that were used to auction the goods that were gotten off...

Doll house display

They show a film at the entrance.

Another display in the wreckers museum

I didn't get enough last month. This month I went to the city museum and the Wreckers' museum on my own and finally got the seafood pot pie at Little Pearl. This is only the beginning of April. I don't have enough picture allowance to put all of April up. This does cover the museum type stuff. So, I will have to wait a month to finish our Key West adventure in pictures. Stay tuned for April 2019 Part Two with parasailing and boating pictures.

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