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The middle batteries are not supposed to be that way

The batteries hanging below Margie's cart

The Hog's Breath Saloon

Food at Hog's Breath

Margie's food



We had to screen capture a picture of us on the Hog's...

Chocolate wine. It wasn't bad

Eating out again

And Margie's food

The first of many of the buttons I've bought to give away

My new hat

Iguana pieces

More buttons

One of the Cornhole game boards an owner had made for the...

Custom Made

A small compressor I was told to keep when it arrived because...

The valentine I ordered for Margie. The chocolates melted a little.

The turntable motor that stopped working in our convection microwave

Taking it apart or putting it back together

I sure hope it goes back together with no extra parts

I think I'll go

A cucumber Margie grew in Key West

Painting class at the resort

My picture from the first painting class

The late night visitor to our site

Some of the stuff the raccoon got out of our recyclable bin

The first 12 of the over 100 ink pens I bought to...

I think this is Octopus I got at a restaurant

Fried scallops

A chocolate martini

Perfectly good toys we found in the dumpster

More toys found in the dumpster on the way to be donated

More discarded toys

More toys including a working remote control car

My picture from the second painting class

Both of my pictures from the two classes mounted on my golf...

Some background on some of these pictures:

We were checking batteries on day and noticed that the ones in Margie's cart had slid off a support member and had partially fallen through the battery area. I had to left them up and but them back where they belonged.

A fellow who was renting a site had to leave early. I had talked to him and helped him a few times while he was there. He told me that he had ordered a small 12 volt air compressor online the previous evening. He told me that when it arrived I could keep it for myself.

We couldn't believe all the toys we found in the dumpster that appeared to be almost new. I think they were bought by a grandparent who was having his grandchildren visiting. Instead of donating them he just threw them away when they were no longer needed. This was a prime example of so many people at this resort having more money than sense. We found a lot of very usable stuff that we would take with us to the Salvation Army and donate.

Margie had removed the turntable and turntable arms in our microwave in order to cook a chicken. We think the post ended up poking a hole in the bottom of the foil pan which let some of the juices get into the turntable motor. I thought maybe if I disassembled it and cleaned it, it might work again. I was pretty proud of myself for being able to disassemble it and put it back together with no extra parts left over. However, it was all for nothing because it still wouldn't work. I did a lot of research and naturally ours was the one I could not find a replacement for. It's irritating how many different posts there are. There are different lengths and shapes of the posts. After we got back to Margie's mom's I finally found one resembling ours and ordered it. The shape of the shaft was the same but it had a different number which may have indicated a different length. When I got it and put it in it worked. YIPPEE!

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