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A police horse getting his excercise

Very fresh coconut water

A mixed drink with the coconut water

A dinner out. Looks like fish and chips

One of our favorite restaurants in Key West

The lobster combo with, shrimp, and scallops yum.

Pirate punch

Interesting insights seen at a restaurant

Seen at a restaurant

Dinner at Bennihanas

My dinner at Bennihanas

Margie's dinner at Bennihana

Margie's efforts at repainting some decorations

Installed a mirror on one of the carts

At a festival in Key West

My food at the festival

Margie's food at the festival

More festival food


A Smokey and the Bandit Trans Amm

Some decorations before repainting

A booth at the festival

Coconuts fresh off the tree

Eating out again

I'm sure I helped her

It looks like we had desert

Eating out again

Replacing the roof on the Tiki Hut in the maintenance area

A plantain tree in the resort

A restaurant wall


Margie got some onion rings

Some of the food given to us by owners before they left

I just thought it was a cool picture

Cigars I bought in Cuba for my brother Gary and son Jason

Coffee I bought for Margie in Cuba

It was to small to keep so I cast it back in....

Margie caught a fish

And another fish

A little something a bout a few of these pictures:

The soccer field where the police horse was, is the one we crossed most of the time we went into Key West to catch the free Duval Loop bus from the free parking lot we parked in.

The picture of the mirror I put on the golf cart reminded me of one of the things I liked about our job in Key West. The boss would from time to time buy or order things and just put them in the maintenance trailer. He would rarely ask you to do anything with them but also never questioned you if you decided to take care of it when had time.

The picture of the food is just an example of the stuff that people would leave behind instead of taking it with them.

I think I was taking a picture of something else when I took the picture of the drip on the kitchen faucet. I thought it looked cool so I took a few more trying to catch the water in mid-drip.

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