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Front of home across the street for sale

Back of home for sale

View of pond from home for sale

Home for sale description

Home for sale photos

Second uprooted tree from 6/16 storm


Just another remodeling day (with unusable toilets)

Ingram Dam (not my photo)

Mo in Lowe's shopping cart

This is the first day my computer has been out of its bag since last weekend. The front room (my art/computer area) has been ground zero for the flooring boxes. The flooring guys have been here every day since Monday. The noise level inside has been incredible, with an ongoing battle between the leaky air compressor and the boombox blaring country music. Our sanity is somewhat restored each day when they leave (around 3pm). I spend the afternoon sweeping the constantly replenishing layers of dust and flooring remains (they sweep before they go, but they are in a hurry to leave, so they miss a lot). They were supposed to be finished yesterday, but they ran out of quarter-round for the trim. They thought they would only be working for an hour or so today, just to finish up, but it’s after 1pm, and they are still at it. I am fairly confident that we will finally have our peace back after today, but only for a few days. I am waiting to hear when the backsplash work will begin.

I had my final post-surgery appointment for my nose on Wednesday. I was very good about not peeling off the scab (I’m usually pretty bad about that), so what’s the first thing the doc does? He rips that puppy off! He said he wanted to see what the wound looked like underneath. Well shoot, I could have done that! He was very pleased with the healing, and I don’t have to go back until January. If he doesn’t find anything new then, I can push the exams out to a year. So, just as the remodeling is about over, so is my healing process. How ironic! Bill and I spent most of last weekend helping Harold and Joanne (across the street) get his brother’s house ready for sale (Harold is selling it without a realtor). I took a bunch of photos inside and out and gave them the USB to decide which photos to use in the sales brochure. They chose eight, and Bill created a table to arrange, size, and label them. Harold wrote up the description page. They used a couple of my clear art sleeves to protect each page and taped them on the home’s garage door for passersby to see (there are also copies available inside the home). Tuesday evening, our other good friends here (Lori and Denny) invited us over for dinner and cards. We learned how to play “Seven-Up”. Bill wasn’t too sure about the game until he started winning.

I can’t believe my ears right now. The flooring guys just left. For good. They are done! And it is blissfully quiet once again. WooHoo!

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