Bedford town visitors center

After paying for your tickets drive to the memorial site.

Bedford Boy statue

another view of the Bedford Boy statue

General Dwight Eisenhour

over the water, to the coast, over the wall to victory.

List of the US dead on D-Day

List of the Allied dead on D-Day

Over the wall

The idea of a National Memorial for D-Day Invasion of Europe first took root in Roanoke, VA when several gentlemen met. Then the process started and Congress voted its approval way back in 1994. Now all these many years later in 2006 the Memorial was funded, built and dedicated.

Operation Overlord was the largest single invasion of any continent, land or country in history. With the amount of Naval craft, Air craft and men landed with a 24 hour period it's amazing the coordination, planning and training it took to do it. Our tour guide, Steven, a volunteer explained so much about the design and layout of the memorial with all its symbolism, along with the many facts and figures of the Allied invasion, we were immersed for the hour.

In the final analysis, 8 months later Hitler had killed himself, job done.

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