The future is bright for the development of Red Hill

Patrick Henry bust outside with flags of the colonies

about Red Hill and Patrick Henry

more about Red Hill

This is the visitors center, come here first, see the movie

Henry's modest home, rebuildt since a 1919 fire destroyed the original

about the house

An Orange Osage tree still where it has been in 360 years

About the Orange Osage tree

The family grave yard

Patrick Henry on the right, his wife Dorethea on the left.

Patrick Henry's law office, detached from home, so as to not be...

about the Law office building

This is the first time we walked the 1/2 mile to the...

about one of the prominent graves

The small stones turned upright are grave markers, as are the red...

In the museum, orginal paintings and artwork exist

The same letter opener he used to illustrate in his "Liberty or...

About his "Liberty or Death" speech at St. Johns church in Richmond

Patrick Henry is one of two early American hero's of Dave's. The other is Paul Revere. Since it's not convenient to take each grandchild up to Boston, they get to understand the great things Patrick Henry did for early America. When one understands "the person" behind the patriotism one also gets a glimpse into Henry's wonderful mind. Patrick Henry as a family man was a terrific father to 17 children (from two wives) and later 77 grandchildren! As the first wife had 6 children and then got mentally ill and later died. It was quite a few years (due to mourning, public service, war) till Mr. Henry married again to Miss Dorthea who was quite a bit younger, delivered 11 more children. While farming nearly 3,000 acres and managing a thriving law practice Patrick managed to serve the public in several offices. Offices such as Governor of Virginia! He lived much more meager than Jefferson leaving a great inheritance to all his children, unlike Jefferson who left his estate $102,000 in debt (equal to approx. $2M today).

Each time I, Dave, come to these tour sites I pick up new bits of info that I didn't know before. This time, I found out that when Patrick Henry gave his famous "Give me Liberty or Give me Death" speech at St. Johns Church in Richmond there were luminaries in the audience. Great men such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Monroe and several others who later left their mark on American history. Whether planned or not all those men thought enough of Patrick Henry to come and listen to him. Of course, it was a meeting to set the course of the future of this Republic.

NOTE: with this entry we've gone over the 13,000 mark of pictures included with each entry. So, this year so far we've gone over 500 stops and now 13,000 photos for your reading enjoyment.

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