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Long drive to Watson Lake, Yukon Territory

Large Bison herd, the brown spots are babies

Road work, gravel and dirt road

They are grading the edges

And packing it down

Going slow but not as dusty

Water truck wetting the dirt, to keep the dust down

We caught up with the crew pilot car

Glacial mountains in the distance

Yes, (sigh) more rain

And more road work

Impressive Butte

Another view of the glacial peaks


We know

Lovely river views


Stone Mountain

Summit Lake

Not many trees on Stone Mountain

Small road house to eat and sleep overnight

Moose trotting along

Another small moose watching us

The road winds through the forest

Such tall mountains

Another shower

Another stop-over, Toad River (east and sleep)

Construction camp & wondrous mountains

Great scenery

Looks like the work of glacier, smooth mountain

Getting closer to the glacial mountains


Awesome vista

Muncho Lake, our stop for lunch

Paddling along on Muncho Lake

Glacial mountains are behind us, facing Muncho Lake

Strawberry Flats Campground at Muncho Lake

Lovely views of Lake Muncho




Another Bison herd

Lighter ones are the babies

Peacefully grazing ignoring us

These guys watched us pass by

They are quite large up close

View of the Liard River

Liard River Bridge

Liard River

Hello, Mr. Bear


Bison Family


He was enjoying the cool dirt

Weed-wacking on a hot day, with no shirt, oh my!

We will cross the borders six times today

What it looks like on our GPS

Hyland River Bridge

Today’s trip will also be long since we are in catch up mode to reach our friends and resume our journey. The trip to Watson Lake, Yukon Territory from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. was 320.2 miles in 5.75 moving hours. We did stop to make lunch and to photograph some bears, moose and bison several times along the way, adding to our travel time.

There was rain, lots of rough road, gravel sections, crews filling potholes, road crews kicking up dirt as they were scraping the edges of highway making big dust clouds. We crossed the Northern Rocky Mountains and traveled between them like a valley between two ridges. It was very curvy and winding back & forth. During this part our kitchen drawer flew open and I had to go back to tape it shut.

We stopped at a viewpoint pull-off of Muncho Lake for lunch. It is a lovely aqua in color, being a glacial melt lake. Behind us facing the lake was the Rocky Mountains. We were crossing the border between British Columbia & Yukon Territory six times on this west bound trek.

There are many historical markers along the road explaining the names of the rivers and rest stops. The Hyland River, a tributary of the Liard River, was named for Frank Hyland, an early day trader. He operated trading posts.

Another historical mile marker was Iron Creek Lodge. This was named during the construction of the Alaska Highway for the trucks that stopped here to put on the tire irons (chains) in order to make it up the hill.

The number of animal sightings today was astounding. Even when our diesel motorhome comes rolling to a slow stop for me to snap some photos, it doesn’t phase them. Some look up for a second and resume their activity, eating. There seems to be a lot of young bison with the herds. The babies are lighter in color thus easy to spot.

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