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This morning, I bade the Alexander Inn and Philadelphia farewell. Both have been very nice to visit and stay for a few days. At 9am, the humidity was already extremely high so I was pretty glad not to have another day of walking the streets.

After breakfast, I gathered my things, checked out and walked the 5 blocks to Jefferson St station. Having an Amtrak train ticket, I was allowed to ride a suburban train for free - taking me just a few stops to 30th Street (the equivalent to Southern Cross or Central stations). I arrived an hour early for my Amtrak train to New York but you know what? I would rather be an hour early than one minute late!

I happily sat down in the large foyer area, ‘people watched’ and waited until it was time to descend to the correct platform. Right on time - 10.55am - we were off. The trip was smooth and uneventful.

Arriving at 30th Ave Penn Station, I exited the station and walked 4 blocks to 34th Ave Penn Station (why on earth the 2 aren’t connected underground I don’t know!) where I descended two flights of stairs and caught (yet)another train to Queens Plaza Station.

Now my dilemna was - which exit should I take? Hmm.. 3 to choose from. Of course, the first one I chose was incorrect! It wouldn’t be so bad if the station was at ground level but, oh no!, like just about all - it was a subway station - with lots of steps involved! I stood on the corner and didn’t recognise anything! There was nothing I could do other than go back downstairs and look around for another exit.

Bingo! Staircase number 2 produced the goods! A corner I recognised! Relief! I trotted off down the road, dragging my little case behind me (a bit like Mary and her lamb). The humidity was hanging like a thick, wet blanket so that, by the time I reached my hotel, I was bright red and sweaty.

Thankfully, even though it wasn’t yet 3pm, my room was ready so I quickly checked in and found relief in the air conditioned comfort of it. A cool shower was very much appreciated.

Since then, I have collected the luggage I left here a few days ago and spent quite a bit of time packing things properly - leaving out only a few outfits for the next few days, my toiletries and a few other bits and pieces. I feel much happier now that I am organised. As you all know, I do like to be organised!

A quiet evening with a nice deep bubble bath (half a little bottle of shampoo creates a great bubble bath).

No photos for today.

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