Zeke waiting "somewhat" patiently to leave for our road trip!

we passed this building on the way to Wickenburg, makes you wonder...

map of Wickenburg


artwork at western museum (note the cat!)

The Jail Tree

The Jail Tree

On the way to Wickenburg

Overlook from Granite Mountain looking down toward Wickenburg. Roads had lots of...

Paul and I made a day trip, with Zeke, to Wickenburg. It's about 90 minutes south of Prescott, we took the scenic route through Granite Mountain. We briefly stopped at the Granite Mountain Hot Shots Memorial. It's a good 3 mile hike in and then back out over some pretty rough terrain. For those of you who don't know about the Hot Shots - 19 firemen were killed in 2013 when a fire erupted in Yarnell, Arizona. The fire was started by a lightening strike. Unfortunately for these 19 men from the Prescott area, they became overrun by the fire and even though they had deployed fire shelters against the turnover (which reached over 2,000 degrees, they did not survive. The age range of the 19 men was 21 through 36, brothers, sons, fathers, husbands. Recently a movie about these firefighters was released - called "Only the Brave". It was a very sad day for Prescott residents and these men are well remembered all over the town.


Wickenburg is a small western town where the Santa Fe railroad once ran through it. Passenger service was discontinued in 1969. The railroad station currently serves as the headquarters of the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce and is among the oldest of the Santa Fe's wooden railway stations in Arizona. The depot was dedicated on July 29, 1895. (Thank you Wikipedia.)


We visited a small museum, had lunch, and visited some of the other sights to be seen. Pictures are included of some of the artwork at the museum and the Jail Tree!

It was a nice day, weather was warmer in Wickenburg than Prescott (we'd had snow overnight - this was May 23! We got down to Wickenburg and its as mid 60's and partly sunny. For this this was COLD, they'd already had temps up to 103! Definitely like living in the elevation that Prescott is in - though it really was an odd Spring for them with rain and snow and hail. Good for the plants, animals and aquifers, but odd weather ... for Cleveland as well, we hear.

More later.

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