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We thought the floors were going to be started on Friday, but we got a call late Wednesday that all the old floors were going to be pulled up on Thursday. We are now back in the chaos, as furniture and all our things are strewn all over the place. Our WIFI was unplugged for two days. The new flooring started going in on Friday, but the guys quit early for the weekend, so it’s only about 40% done. They left the fridge, washer and dryer in the dining room, and the dining room table in the living room. We got a bit rebellious this morning and put all the appliances back. I needed to get laundry done, and we were just tired of all the upheaval. My art stuff is in several different rooms. The only things in their proper place are our reclining chairs and the TV. Once the carpeting had been pulled up, we were able to see the significant transition from the front room (art room – used to be a patio) and the living room. Instead of trying to level off the slope, we are going to have a stained wood transition piece between the two rooms. I thought all was going okay during Thursday’s floor demo when the guys saw water on the floor in both the laundry room and across from the dishwasher. After taking several deep breaths, we all concluded that the water seeped in from the confounded water heater outside. Remember there was a rotted interior door closing in the heater? Bill tore that door off when we first moved in (it was falling apart from years of weather). The water heater has been sitting out in the open in its cabinet ever since. He custom ordered a steel door for it, but it still needed more work before it would fit properly. We had a couple of big rains right before the floor demo (2”+), and where the water was coming in right where the water heater sits (outside). Bill finally got the new door mounted on Thursday afternoon. I’m so glad we didn’t already have the new floors installed, or they may have been ruined! The rest of the floors and baseboard trim should be installed by sometime Tuesday. I’m still hoping the rest of the kitchen and laundry cabinets are installed Monday. Once the cabinets and flooring are done, all that’s left is the backsplash. I started thinking about the similarities between this remodel and my recent surgery. Both had demo work, and really ugly periods, and now both are nearly ‘healed’. I have my final wound checkup next Wednesday. I have yet to get the bill for the surgery. Since we have to pay out of pocket for it, it will no doubt be a shocker. Our Denver realtor sent me a photo today of our old home’s 22 Baby’s Breath street roses in full bloom. And here, I’m still fighting with the deer to keep my new succulents alive. What a difference a few months can make! Bill and Mo got to see the skunk again this morning, so I guess we can officially call him one of our neighbors. We’ve been horribly hot here (heat indexes around 105 degrees), but today and the next several days are going to be cooler. I have been taking brochure photos for the house across the street. Harold’s brother is terminally ill and will never be back to his home here (next door to Harold and Joanne). Harold and Joanne are selling the house themselves. It’s good practice for me to be taking inside and outside shots. I hope they will be pleased with them and be able to use them to sell the house.

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