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Spent a few days in Buckeye doing laundry, shopping, etc., then loaded the camper in temperatures above 105 degrees. Decided it was definitely time to leave Arizona to escape the heat. Headed for Vegas with a quick stop at an Escapees RV park in Congress AZ. Roger has always wondered how we stacked up to the weight limits for our rig and the Escapees will weigh it for you at the park up there. They were very thorough even taking into account our tire types and the year they were manufactured. They weighed the truck and camper together, then the truck only. Roger had the camper fully loaded with the water tank full and everything. We were both sure we were going to be way overweight, but we were wrong. Turned out, we were just a couple of hundred pounds over, which was attributed to having our tanks full. All we had to do to be under the limit was dump a bit of water and we were good. We don’t usually carry all that water with us, so on any given day, we should be well within our weight limits.

Stopped at Sam’s Town for our first night out, but drove down to Fremont Street in search of some cheap prime rib like we used to get in the good old days. Finally found some at Tony Roma’s. It was only $8.99, about $6 dollars more than it was when we first came to Vegas, but a lot lower than most of the casinos were advertising. It was good, too. Gambling wasn’t so great. Had a tough time finding machines we wanted to play and when we did, they weren’t paying. Oh well, it was fun anyway.

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