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Imagine ...


Our final day in New York together - Cheryl heads home tomorrow and I go to Philadelphia for a few days... before returning to NY for 3 nights on my own. I was meant to be joined by an American lady, Lynn but she is unwell and won’t be joining me - too late and expensive now to change my flight home.


Once again, the sky was grey and it was incredibly humid. Luckily the rain held off until we were about 4 blocks from home.... then the sky let loose! 𯌧☔️ We arrived back at the hotel quite soggy.

We started off the day walking the length of the Highline, which was once a rail track but has now been conver into a terrific pedestrian boardwalk. Along the way, you can look down on the traffic, see lots of modern art, sip a coffee at a little cafe, enjoy the plants that are growing and, at times, see the Hudson River which flows parallel to the boardwalk. There are numerous spots where you can go below to street level. I really enjoyed the Highline - it was great to escape the noise and traffic below. (Also, the rain has brought out some rather less-than-pleasant smells on street level.)

Next on our list was Central Park. To get there, we had to dodge a lot of construction work (an enormous amount of that going on in NY) and find a train took us right to the entrance where we talked into touring the park on a pedal bike - pedalled by someone else - we’re not silly!! Our driver pedalled us around, giving a commentary over his shoulder. We stopped at a number of places, got off and took photos. It was a good way to see a lot in a relatively short amount of time.

Once the hour was up, we walked back to a nice little cafe in the park and had a cool drink before heading out of the park.

Finally, walking back to the train station, we passed Trump Tower - complete with armed guards!

By now, the sky was really leaden and, as we got off the train in Queens, it began to pour! Of course as I write this, the sun is now shining and we are left trying to dry our shoes and clothes before packing them!

We are going out for our own Farewell Dinner soon before completing our packing.

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