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My poor aching feet! They have walked for miles and miles and miles today - carrying me along with them!

While very overcast, we mostly avoided the rain today - only catching a few light showers. So much better than yesterday and so fortunate considering that one of today’s main activities was a two and a half hour walking tour. Not one drop fell during this time. Yay!

The walking tour was led by a history teacher and buff, Kevin, and started near NY City Hall. As we walked along the pedestrian walkway across Brooklyn Bridge, we stopped a number of times so that Kevin could relate stories about its construction and history. To be honest, I wasn’t all that interested in how many steel wires were used or how the foundations were pushed into the bedrock. I was much more interested in the views..... of the Manhattan Bridge running alongside it, the lanes of cars inching their way underneath where we were walking, the Statue of Liberty that could be seen in the distance and, the various boats and ferries out on the water.

Once we reached the other end of the bridge, we were in a Brooklyn - more particularly, in DUMBO (District Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). This area was once very neglected and rundown. Now, however, it is a trendy (expensive) spot full of galleries, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Our tour finally ended close to Garibaldi’s where we had eaten on Saturday’s pizza tour.

After a quick lunch, Cheryl and I caught a ferry back to Manhattan. The ferry gave us a different view of the city and was a nice relaxing half hour.

The walking then continued as we made our way to the Empire State Building. Due to the heavy clouds, the view from the top wasn’t great but it was our last opportunity to visit.

From there we had a quick visit to the largest department store in the world (their claim not mine).... Macy’s. I must admit that I was really dragging my feet by this point and not paying much attention to what was on sale. We found a Maccas inside Macy’s - yes, inside! - and had a cup of tea and a sit down.... but only for a little while!

We were soon on our feet again and walked 10 blocks to the theatre to collect our tickets for the 7pm performance of, ‘Come From Away’.... the story of the approximately 7,000 people who found themselves stranded in Gander, Newfoundland in September 2001 when all American airports were shutdown.

We had very good seats and the show was magnificent! Very cleverly, 12 cast members managed to convincingly portray not only the passengers but the wonderful people of Gander. The show is coming to Australia and I would thoroughly recommend it!

The show ran for 100 minutes with no intermission, meaning we were out before 9pm. A quick few blocks and we were on the train heading back to 39th Avenue - just a few minute’s walk to the hotel - where we, gratefully, took off our shoes and relaxed!

Phew! Another busy day!

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