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Barb's cinnamon roll at Darbi's

Roger's biscuits and gravy

Our friend, Jeany's, park model

I hate to start this year’s travels out with sad news, but I have to. For those of you who don’t know, Roger and I will be going it alone this year. We recently had to put our beloved Bridget down. She was 13 and old age and arthritis finally got to be too much. Life will just not be the same without her.

We decided to come up to Show Low AZ for a few days this year before heading to the Pacific Northwest. We haven’t been anywhere since we got back to Arizona last September and decided we should check things out before we left. For one thing, Roger and the truck were in an accident March 3 (not his fault) and it took over 2 months for the repair guys to get it fixed. We lacked confidence that everything was fixed and didn’t want to get someplace in the middle of nowhere and have problems.

After all that lead in, I wish we could say that we had no problems, but alas, that was not to be the case. The funny thing is that the problems weren’t with the truck, they were with the CAMPER!! We had barely left the Phoenix metro area, when we discovered we had very little braking power when we tried to stop the camper! Hindsight being 20/20, we probably should have turned around and gone back to Buckeye, but we didn’t. We made it safely to Show Low and got a recommendation for a repair service to check the brakes out. They came to the conclusion we needed new brakes. So, we had them put on new brakes and thought things would be fine. WRONG!!

When we went to hook up to go back to Buckeye on Friday, the truck indicated we had no camper brakes. Roger immediately went in search of a Chevy dealer to check the truck out because we never dreamed it could still be a problem with the camper. He found a very friendly dealer in Snowflake AZ who went to work on it right away. One of his technicians spent all day Friday and half the day Saturday trying to figure out what the problem was. He even went to the trouble of taking our truck to his house and hooking it up to his trailer. The truck had no problem finding his trailer’s brakes. He finally decided it couldn’t be the truck and Roger agreed.

It had to be the camper again. Roger came back and raised our camper up so he could spin the tires. He decided the brakes weren’t adjusted properly. Our neighbor, an ex-mechanic from Tucson, agreed. So, after another day of delay, we went back to the RV repair place and got the brakes adjusted, then headed back to Buckeye. As you can see, our trip isn’t exactly starting out very well. To top it all off, our friends, Donna and Carl, who left Buckeye a few days before we did, are having the same kind of start to their annual summer getaway. I’m thinking this may not be the year to leave Buckeye, but the weather forecast says otherwise.

Okay, it hasn’t been ALL bad. There was breakfast at Darbi's while we waited for our new brakes to be put on. And, we are in a really nice and friendly “over 55” campground that has just about every activity you can think of including bocce ball, shuffleboard, horseshoes, cards, a computer club, variety shows, potlucks, etc. The only thing it doesn’t have is a swimming pool. Because we had to extend our stay by 3 nights, I got to check out the laundry, too, and it was very nice as well. Also, our friend Jeany is up here for the summer and just moving into her new park model at another resort. We were among the first to get to see it. Other friends, Vicky and Jim, are staying where we are for now and they just bought a place near Jeany’s.

Other fun things included watching the park guy trying to assist campers backing into their sites. I swear, I’m a lot better at guiding Roger into a site than this guy is and he gets paid to do it. Also fun was watching the activity around the dumpsters, especially today when the lady tried to climb into one while doing her dumpster diving. And, if you can’t stand the heat, it’s a lot cooler up here than it is in Buckeye, although I really didn’t appreciate the 46 degrees it was when we got up this morning. Bet that doesn’t surprise you a bit!!!

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