About St. Johns Church

About St. Johns Church

About St. Johns Church

We enter the Air and Space Museum

About Mrs Johnson one of the human computers, you probably saw the...

About Apollo 12

About Apollo 12

The mission of Apollo 12 was to land near a previously landed...

Phantom 4


Yes, those are real aircraft hanling from the ceiling !

From a distance the Virginia Air and Space Museum

entry to the public classrooms for the public outreach lectures.

About their age specific classes during the summer

The small crowd of kids and adults learning "How the Ocean Works"

Our 30 minute talk from an expert about currents, temperatures and movement...

One of the talking boards in the class that night.

On this day, we drove to downtown Hampton where Langley AFB and NASA have sponsored the Virginia Air and Space museum. If you haven't been here, you've missed a great tour. Our long-time readers know that all the other grand children have been here. Admission tickets include a viewing of any of the IMAX movies playing that day !

We showed Brent around old town Hampton and Saint Johns Church, the oldest longest running Anglican Protestant Church in American. Established in 1610 whereas, this is the fourth site 1728 it is most notably the church where the Governor of Virginia had Black Beard's severed head impaled on a post! yes, it was a very real warning to other pirates to lay off the looting and stealing....

When we were finished with downtown Hampton and the Air and Space museum it was time for us to get to a previous appointment at VIMS. VIMS as it is known is the Virginia institute for Marine Science through the College of William and Mary. This, the main campus is on Gloucester Point which gives them terrific access to the York River and others, plus Chesapeake Bay, not to mention the Atlantic ocean. We signed up some weeks ago through the community out reach site. They hold a variety of classes for the public to learn from their research and already established data points. For the two hours, we were enthralled by all the information available to us that night. The class title was "How the ocean Works".

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