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local family

The hot pool

Nighttime visitor

Foot pedal operated saw for inlays

East side of family compound

Local pay toilet

Family compound further south

Traveler's palm

Bridges to the hot pool

Hotel compound

Off at about 7:30 with a walk into the city and through the market, We walked down a street next to a Catholic Church and saw a big truck full of zebu. Back to the center and a visit to a wood carver/wood inlay shop. Interesting process of carving small wooden pieces and doing inlay. Very complicated.

Then we were let loose for half an hour to look at local shops selling wood products – we bought several things for ourselves and for friends and family. Then back to the van and off to the south.

We stopped in a small town at a Hotely (food served only) and had lunch – quite nice for about $4.00 for both of us. Then back on the road.

We drove pretty straight with a couple of stops for pictures. Land amazingly scenic with houses in family compounds and terraced patties all over the place. More than the usual amount of beggars though.

As we neared Rama we passed through some amazing change of vegetation and geography. Land became quite hilly with step walls and deep valleys. It was quite different even though we were moving down from the highlands.

In Rama we stopped in a very nice hotel and got cabin #8. Noisy brook just outside and amazing plants all around. We hung out for a while then dropped off our dirty laundry and got together to go to the hot springs in town. Drove over to the river then walked across a narrow foot bridge and paid to get into the springs. Both Kitty and I had to get caps to swim so our hair would stay covered.

Into the pool and took a bunch of underwater photos and swam around, then several school groups showed up and filled the pool with 50 – 75 teenagers who were having a great time – but they kind of crowded us out. We got out and walked back to the hotel.

We ordered dinner the back to clean up, then to the dining room to hook up to the internet, then the whole tour showed up to do the same thing, Then the power went out. Then on again after about half an hour. It was finally on and we sat down for a nice dinner.

Back to the room and a big moth flew in. We got it out and plugged in all our stuff and got ready for bed.

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