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Aluminium smelting

Marching through the street

Rice harvest


Extended family compound

Aluminium smelting

Charcoal fires used for smelting


Sunset over the train station

one million ariary

Up about six and pack up everything, then down to breakfast. It was a very misty morning with spiderwebs and dew everywhere, Breakfast, as usual was fine. Theresa lost her malaria pill so after a lung search it was under her plate.

Then off on along drive – eight hours at least was the plan. Passing through the town we came if last night it was much less crowded. Many people walking to work – all looking quite healthy.

We drove and took bathroom breaks when needed. Toilets not the cleanest, We did buy some chocolate at one gas station to pass to the tour folks.

Lunch in the middle of town at a restaurant and food was very nice. After we walked around a bit and I got some bread pudding/brownie thing that was quite good.

Then off again through beautiful countryside. Terrace farming everywhere as well as clay colored houses – usually in family groups. Lots and lots of kids.

Finally, into town and we visited an aluminum recycling factory which was very active. Heat sores to melt the metal was charcoal. They would break up the parts – engine block and other car parts mostly. The melt them down into ingots for storage. Then the ingots were melted again.

Meanwhile two guys were preparing the sand mold, then poured in the newly melted metal and made a pot and lid. It was all quite frenetic work – all for 50000 verity a week.

We finally arrived and were treated to a drink, then to our rooms. Soon after we met for dinner and conversation, the back to the room where two exhausted travelers finally got to sleep!

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