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In the jungle



Lemur hand


What we looking at?

Let's eat!

Our cabin

Misty morning

Morning of mist


Leaf moth






Leaping lemurs

Canoe across the river

One more lemur

Up about 6:00 and breakfast, then a short drive to Andasibe National Park. As soon as we got there we spotted a huge colorful moth and a very small chameleon. Then a brown leaf moth hanging at the back of the building. Then off into the jungle.

Seems like a well-maintained park with good trails. We walked in a ways and heard indri calling off in the distance. We followed a stone block path up a hill and came across two families of Indri yelling at each other. Quite noisy and very colorful. We stayed about half an hour watching them – and probably another 25 to 30 tourists showed up and did the same.

In further wandering we saw a brown lemur along with several species, several chameleons, and a few other creatures, On the way out we had a very difficult time spotting a leaf tailed lizard – marvelous camouflage!

Then off to an amazing restaurant where we has sesame chicken and some beer. Very nice. Then through a wandering road to a resort – Marie Guest House – where they has several lemur islands, We took a canoe across a small stream and walked up the path and were accosted by brown and ruffed lemurs that jumped on people’s shoulders and heads, Very friendly and quite fond of bananas, We walked on after a bit to see some small bamboo lemurs.

Off a bit and across the stream were isolated lemurs - diadem sifaka and red ruffed – part of a breeding program, and watched them dance and fight with each other. Quite amusing. Then off to the hotel and planned dinner.

After a rest we got together about tomorrow then had a nice dinner. Some issues with cash on and off through the day but it all got settled. Then finally off to bed!

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