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I always get back home and concentrate on disconnecting, parking, unloading, cooking and then falling into bed. And I forget to let you all know that we are home! So here's the update!

We were up at 0530 again and underway Saturday morning at 0700, and we are all prepped for a hot day on the road. We are prepared to run the generator and the overhead AC if needed. We all know that the cab air is never going to be able to cool down the RV in this type of hot weather! It is supposed to be in the mid 90's over here and the high 70's at home.

So we hashed out a couple of different options to get home. We discussed going through the Tri cities, then Yakima, and then White pass but that would be a 9+ hour travel day. But we would avoid a lot of traffic. Spike checked the DOT website again and found out that the Hiway 26 road work is complete and it is open for travel, Yea!, that makes things easier. So we will go home that way, then to Vantage, and I90 to 18 to I5. We need to stop in Ellensburg for fuel too.

Hiway 26 was an absolute joy to travel after our rough trip into Clarkston last Saturday. The contractor that did that paving did an excellent job. Especially the transition's between the old pavement and the new. This is my pet peeve those bumps or dips or gaps between the two. I think they should grab this contractor and have him teach everyone his great technique. (California DOT are you listening?)

We stopped at the Flying J in Ellensburg for diesel. The fuel gages in RV's (and boats) are notoriously inaccurate, so you kinda get used to what your fuel gage tells you but in our case, you know it is at least 10 gallons off. So its always a fun guessing game to see how much fuel we actually take. Today we took 75 gallons.

We stopped at the rest area for lunch and Miss Zoey got a quick walk. Spike trained her well when she was a puppy and just the two of them traveled together. She gets out goes potty quickly and is ready to travel again. Not all dogs are that efficient. They have to find the perfect spot...they have to smell every tree or bush...see who was here last etc.

The rest of the trip was pretty smooth, until we hit I5!! We came onto the freeway in Fife and were greeted with bumper to bumper traffic. Yuck!! Spike said "I better pick my lane now as I'll never get another chance to move". I have pictures but i thought one really likes to look at bumper to bumper traffic! A trip to Hiway 16 should take maybe 10 minutes, but it was more like 40 minutes today. What a relief to get to 16 and across the can now relax.

The rest of the trip home was uneventful. We were home by 1600 and I went down to Spookys (Caspers) to get us a pizza for dinner. Thank you all for your travel prayers for us! Its fun to travel but there's no place like home!

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