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Noto's beautiful Chiesa di San Domenico


Lovely interior of San Domenico



Another elegant view of Noto

Densly packed in old town of Modica

Lots of winding streets and stairs in the old town


Elegent palazzi and Ragusa Duomo

Interior of Ragusa Duomo

Breakfast is served in our Baroque accommodation

We decided to head inland and visit some of the stunning Baroque hill towns. We got lost numerous times and our sat nav thought it would be fun to send us the wrong way down a few one way streets. The thing about old hill towns is the streets get narrower and narrower as you get closer to the historic centres. Did I mention that Italian drivers and particularly the Southerners can be a little impatient and reckless. Signalling seems to be an option which is seldom used and you get honked at pedestrian crossings if you actually let a pedestrian pass. Thank God we hired a Fiat 500 as anything bigger would have been a nightmare!

We actually lost our car in Ragusa as we could not remember where we'd parked it and had to ask staff at the local tourist office for assistance. They helped us locate it which was great!

Now for an explanation of Baroque architecture. It was begun in Italy in the late 16th-century and turned Renaissance architecture into a new rhetorical and theatrical fashion, often to express the triumph of the Catholic Church. It is put simply not subtle and very over the top with lots of gilding and they seemed to have embraced it big time in Sicily. In Modica we also treated ourselves by spending a night in a very ornate Baroque BnB and enjoying a lovely dinner of slowcooked boiled pork and local vegetables while Grae had a plate of shell shaped pasta in a meat and tomato based sauce, delicious! - and don't get me started on the granitas and brioche....

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