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Day 30 - 33, June 16 - 19

Made it to Alaska, at least the southeast part as we arrived Skagway AK around lunchtime. The drive in was uneventful. Just outside Skagway the road climbs up to the White Pass summit at around 4200 feet then descends to Skagway at sea level over about 14 miles. Parts of the road is fairly steep at 11 percent grade but the truck handled it fine in second gear. We did not see much of the scenery as just prior to the summit and the descent was through the clouds. Looks like there is a chance for rain each day while we are here. But that is not surprising as most of southeast Alaska is considered a rain forest.

Our second day in Skagway AK started out with light rain as predicted so not much to do until the afternoon when the rain quit and the sun played peek a boo with the clouds. So we took the opportunity to walk around the town with the doggies. They were a real hit as many people wanted to pet them and a number of store owners gave them treats.

Our third day started out like yesterday, light rain but this time with wind too boot. Late morning we got in the truck and went for a ride to the National Park Service historic site of Dyea. It is an old gold mining town up in the hills outside Skagway. Not much to see there as most of the buildings have collapsed but it gave us a chance to get out. On the way back we stopped at the IGA to replenish some food supplies. Skagway gets its food by barge every Tuesday so the shelves in the store were stocked. One thing we bought was a package of Bear Creek soup that we made and had for lunch. It surprised me to find that in Skagway. One bad thing is the selection of ice cream needs a lot of work. I want to go back up the mountains as far as the Canada Border crossing but will not do it unless the weather gets a lot better. May have to wait and see what tomorrow's weather brings. Tonight we will be going to a show in the downtown theater.

Our last day in Skagway AK started out cloudy but cleared up around mid afternoon. I wanted to go up in the mountains but did not because the weather was still not very good. We boarded the White Pass and Yukon RR for a trip up to the White Pass summit. The train ride up and back was really nice as most of the clouds had cleared by the time the train departed. It was a little cool standing on the landing between cars but that was the best place to get photos without having to shoot through a window. We got back to the trailer around 7:30 and the kids were happy to see us once again.

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