Enter into the visitors center of Colonial Williamsburg

Walk among the buildings and talk with the "Colonianlists" you might meet...

The governors Palace, he represented the King in the colonies

Here, we watched a play about the first female army sergeant

Brent poses with the main actors

We toured the home of Peyton Randolph

Oil paintings of Peyton and Mrs. Randolph

Brent and Dave play checkers

Brent learns about how to play "Graces"

Brent pets a friendly chicken.

About 1690 the Virginia Colonists outgrew the James Island and Jamestown. A new location had been scouted out and approved to which the community could move. At Jamestown they ran out of clean water, land on which to grow crops, sanitation became a huge issue. The future city of Williamsburg was approved and laid out in customary square blocks and soon became the city it was destined to be. Only 10 miles apart, it was somewhat easy for a patriot to dismantle his home and move it to Williamsburg.

Today Williamsburg is a model city for colonial re-enactments. Without purchasing the tickets one can walk among the old town but cannot enter the old shops or homes and listening to "Colonists" explain life as is was. We paid about $22.oo each for that privilege and is worth it in our book for the children to understand.

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