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This morning, I said goodbye to my travel buddies - some of us have been together for 5 weeks.

Cheryl and I then had an indulgent few hours.

For years, I have wanted to visit Katz’s Deli (where Sally met Harry) and savour a pastrami on rye. Today I did it!! It was so deliciously yummy. Katz’s was incredibly busy. We had to line up, on the footpath, for 15 minutes to just get in the door! Inside, was organised chaos. C found a seat while I lined up and got our food and drinks. It has a great ordering and service system. You get a ticket (from a huge black man) as you enter the door and are told not to lose it. I asked the huge black man if he would beat us up if we lost it. He replied that he wouldn’t beat up nice ladies like us - just the next bloke in line!

Then the real fun begins. You line up in front of one of 7 carvers, and once at the front of the line, need to say what meat on what type of bread ... with or without mustard. He then thinly carves a small mountain of delicious succulent meat and puts it on the bread.

Next, you move along to the drinks man and order your drink.

If you want any Kosher food, the next man is the one you’re after!

At each step, they note on your ticket just what you’ve had. Before you waddle out, you present your ticket and pay a clerk. Great that no money changes hands where the food is prepared. Good to that I didn’t lose the ticket and get someone beaten up!

From Katz’s we walked to the Orpheum Theatre to see the very talented STOMP performers. This is the third time I’ve seen the show (2x in London) and I still find it just as entertaining.

Then, it was back to the Marriott Hotel to collect our luggage and get a taxi to our new hotel, where we will be staying for 5 nights. It’s in Queens- a much quieter area.

Time now to organise myself for tomorrow - 9/11 Memorial.

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