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On Sunday the 9th we were up at a reasonable time and preparing to leave Red Bay. A great trip but it was definitely time to leave. And leave we did at about 10:00 a.m.. There were no weather issues so the drive was an easy drive. The opening of I-269 that cuts across from I-22 to I-55 just outside of Memphis is a most welcome addition to the route to and from Red Bay. We were through Memphis just after 12:30 and stopped at the old rest area just west of West Memphis and had sandwiches. Then the last leg to Conway with a quick stop in Galloway to get about 70 gallons of diesel.

We were back to Forest Lake Mobile Home and RV Park before 4:30 p.m. About 325 miles with two stops in six and one half hours. We took a lot of time to set up in our new site. It is low in the front right. After some moving and adding horse pads we arrived at a satisfactory position. We then spent about another hour and made sure we had everything just the way we wanted it to be. Then I had to shower...after all, we were back in Arkansas and so was the humidity.

Then it was a quick stop by Beth's to see how she was faring on day six after her last chemo. She was having stomach issues but not as much pain as had accompanied the previous treatments. Then it was off to dinner before we headed back to the Bus. Extremely tired we both fell asleep in our chairs for a while before moving to bed. No early up on Monday...WooHoo!

Monday was a day of trying to find some place to go when we leave here in July. Because there will only be about 4 - 5 weeks we will not head north or west toward Colorado because of the time we would have to spend traveling. We are now looking at North Carolina and the area south and southwest of Ashville. There are a number of RV resorts or campgrounds that are of interest but we did not get anything resolved. We were by Beth's and matched up their schedules for the next few weeks. Beth thinks she is going to be well enough to attend an Apraxia Seminar in Pittsburgh the week of July 8th. We will stay in Conway and help Jeff with the girls. They are scheduled to attend a camp in SW LR that week and we be the service that delivers and picks up the girls. This will make it a little easier on Jeff.

Tuesday we got ready and headed to Little Rock. Apple had advised us that my replacement iPad was in and they would hold it through Tuesday. We arrived around noon and started the swap process. By 1:30, it was done. The lunch, shoe shopping for Sue, return a wrong order to Amazon, a stop by the pharmacy to get some prescription issues taken care of...in person. Then to Sue's consultation with the surgeon who would get the remainder of the skin cancer on her nose. We were out of the doctor's office just in time to get in the 5 o'clock traffic from LR to Conway. Ziva is not having any fun with us gone and shows her separation anxiety loudly when we get back...each time. We are trying to spend more time walking her and being available to play when she wants to play. As usual on nights before we have to get up early, we headed to bed late.

Wednesday was an early trip to LR for Sue to see Dr Tilley, her primary care physician. Our stop at the ER in DeSoto, MS had indicated Sue's blood sugar was high and we had taken it for several days since then and it had been a little high. Dr. Tilley checked it and wants her to monitor her diet and check it weekly and report back if it does not go down. Then it was off to breakfast (since she had been fasting) and other stops before heading back to Conway. We did numerous things to get ready for Sue's visit to the surgeon. Again, we headed to bed late before an early departure the next morning.

We were at the surgeon's office a little after 7:00 in west LR. She was out before 10:00 a.m. skin cancer free from those spots. They did a little plastic surgery by removing some skin from her neck below her right ear and stitching it on her nose. Then it was off to the Bus and getting her settled. I got her prescription filled and we tried to stay ahead of her pain for the first 18 hours. Since then, she has not needed the pain medication.

Friday, I was back to Crain GMC. The issue I was having with the ignition on the truck and had repaired about two weeks ago was in all reality...no better. After about two hours, they had found two issues and needed three parts they did not have. I asked if they were sure I would still be able to get around and not have the ignition lock up over the weekend and SHAZAM...they provided a loaner. Neat loaner, 2019 Acadia Denali. If there is any option available from GMC that is not on this one car...I do not know what it can be. I was able to go with Beth and Hannah to an awards ceremony for Katie, for a camp she had been attending this week. She got the cheerleader award. They had been bowling, a planetarium, swimming at Petit Jean and a few other activities. Then it was celebration time at Sonic and something cold to drink. A quick trip by the Bus for Katie to show Grandma her award. Then I delivered the Layton's back to their house after we circled out to Toadsuck to see the damage from the flood. The water level lines on structures and trees is unbelievable.

We had dinner in again and then settled in and watched the end of Friday's round of the US Open. Then bedtime...again later than planned.

Saturday started really early for me. I had to be at the Otter Creek pool by 8:00 a.m. to watch Hannah participate in a swim meet. She is head and shoulders ahead of where she was last year. She was in four individual events today and had one second, two thirds and a swimaway victory in the individual medley. Breast stroke, back stroke, butterfly and free style. Each leg was 25 meters. She was even with the lead at the end of the first leg, close to even after the second leg and about one body length behind at the end of the third leg, BUT...she passed the girl that was leading about five meters from the turn and won by about 8 seconds. WOW! This was my first outdoor swim meet...thank goodness for the breeze and the clouds, while they lasted. I then chased down my uncle Ed. He was having lunch and I joined him and visited with him for a while. Then back to his house for a little more visiting and then I returned home to Sue and Ziva. It was a good night for barbeque so I headed to Whole Hog. We got started and watched the Hogs choke down a loss to Florida State in the College World Series. Oh well,...

Now it is time to go to bed. Tomorrow is the first morning I do not have to get up early. I am hoping it works out that way...we will see. But for now, I am current on the journal. WooHoo!

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